District 37 and RTO/ERO monitors pension legislation, commenting on proposed changes and recommending improvements for retired teachers. Senior staff members participate in regular discussions with OTF - the Ontario Teachers' Federation.
RTO/ERO is a voting member of the OTF Pension Committee and Pensions Negotiations Committee, representing members directly in pension negotiations with the government.

Contact Brian Armstrong at 519 539 3964 or [email protected] with any comments or questions.

Health Insurance

RTO/ERO offers members affordable heath benefit plans, owned and managed directly by its members: Extended Health, Semi-Private, Dental.
Special benefits include a prescription drug card, vision care, travel insurance while outside of province and country, auto and life insurance, and access to health professionals such as chiropractors and therapists.
A Long Term Care Plan is available to both active teachers and RTO/ERO members. Retired teachers wishing to participate in health and insurance plans must be members of RTO/ERO.

A comparison of the RTO/ERO Health Plan and the competition's OTIP Health Plan

Top 10 Reasons to choose RTO/ERO group health plan

Presentation - ODB & EHC at age 65

Contact Information

The phone number of RTO/ERO is 1-800-361-9888. The contact persons at RTO/ERO are Lori MacDonald-Blundon (Pension and Benefits Officer), Clara Rodriguez (HSIC Administrative Assistant), and Eliza Ives ( HSIC Administrative Assistant). If members contact RTO/ERO first to discuss a concern or a claim, there is a direct line available to Johnson Insurance. This would save a member time.

The phone numbers for Johnson Insurance are 416-920-7248 or 1-877-406-9007 for Health Plans Service and 905-764-4888 or 1-888-638-4573 for Claims.

The phone numbers for Allianz Global Assistance are:
a) from Canada and the USA 1-800-249-6556
b) Toll free from Mexico 00-1-800-514-3702
c) Toll free form the Dominican Republic 1-888-751-4403
d) Toll free from other countries that participate in Universal International Toll-free 800-9221-9221
e) collect from other countries 519-742-6683

Information regarding out of province coverage

The best advice for our members is to read the out-of-province/Canada travel booklet that is included with the extended health booklet. It has all the information a person needs. Of particular importance is the "Important Eligibility Information" found on the inside of the front cover. It has been changed from cancer, lung or heart conditions to include any illness or condition that has either required treatment within the last 90 days or will require treatment for upon your return (e.g. putting off a gall bladder operation until you return would mean no coverage for any condition that could be gall bladder related). This booklet should be carried with a member whenever you leave the province.

Remember that our coverage is out of province coverage, not just out of country. Each person covered by a member's plan must have a receipt showing the last date they were in the province. Without this receipt, your coverage may be severely limited.

It is strongly advised that a member contact Allianz Global prior to treatment, if possible. This will give the member guidance to accredited treatment facilities and start the claims process. If a member has to pay "upfront" for a service, the original receipt should be obtained. This original is needed so that OHIP will pay its share of the bill.

The Health Services Insurance Committee is open to receiving suggestions for plan changes from the members. Each suggestion is reviewed and changes to the plan are made based on these suggestions.

Contact Bill Miller at 519 290 1203 or [email protected] for details.


District 37 publishes a regular newsletter, The Bellringer, for all members.

Contact Editor Helen Reid at 519-914-8788 or [email protected]
with news items or questions.

Political Advocacy

Members and staff lobby politicians at all levels of government on matters of concern to educators and retirees, including support for active teachers and publicly-funded education,hydro regulation, and health care.
As appropriate, members organize petitions and letter-writing campaigns and participate in meet-the-candidates meetings.

Contact Mary Anne Silverthorn at 519 421 3241 or [email protected] with any questions or comments.

Service To Others

Are you aware that we have the opportunity to apply each year for consideration of a grant of up to $4000 to contribute to community projects & in that way raise the profile of RTO/ERO by demonstrating that retired teachers CARE & are willing to HELP.
We are pleased to advise that a copy of the 2016 Project – Service to Others Application and a copy of a Sample of a Completed Application is now posted on RTO/ERO’s website at:

Contact Karen Seguin at 519 539 4460 or [email protected]

Good Will

A very important aspect of RTO District 37 is our Goodwill Committee. A wide variety of acts reflecting our motto of CARING, COMPASSION AND CELEBRATION are the function of our Goodwill Committee. All members are assigned to a Goodwill Caller who notifies the member of our upcoming luncheons. They also make contact with the member or their family to acknowledge illness, bereavement or special celebrations. We are so fortunate to have such an efficient and caring group of Goodwill representatives in our District.
In spite of the individual contact given by our Goodwill Callers, we still need your assistance to stay current about what is happening with our members. You are important to us so please remember to pass along information about our members with regard to illness, bereavements and/or celebrations such as special birthdays or anniversaries.

If you know of someone in these circumstances, please contact Linda Di Ianni at 519 421-2303 or [email protected].


RTO/ERO shares resources and expertise with several provincial and national organizations. These include: Canada's Association for the Fifty Plus (CARP), the Canadian Association Of Retired Teachers (CART), the Ontario Teachers' Federation (OTF), and the provincial teacher affiliates, trustee associations, seniors organizations, and provincial principal and supervisory officer associations.



J'assiste aux réunions de l'organisme du district 37 -Oxford en temps que porte-parole de l'ERO/RT0 afin de me tenir au courant des programmes et des services offerts. Pour promouvoir et augmenter le nombre de membres, je contacte individuellement les enseignants et enseignantes aux écoles catholiques françaises École Élémentaire Ste-Marguerite-Bourgeois et École Secondaire Notre Dame en leur laissant connaître les activités et les accomplissements de l'organisme et du district. Je les informe de l'information disponible et je distribue la correspondance appropriée en particulier la mise sur pied des ateliers de planification de la retraite.

The ERO representative attends the meetings of RTO/ERO Oxford District 37 as spokesperson of ERO/RTO in order to keep informed of the programs and services offered. In order to promote and increase the membership, the teachers at the French Catholic schools École Ste-Marguerite-Bourgeois and École Secondaire Notre Dame are individually contacted to let them know of the activities and accomplishments of the organization and the district. They are also informed of the available information and the appropriate correspondence is distributed, in particular, the implementation of the Retirement Planning Workshops.



Constitution Committee


The District 37 Constitution Committee is composed of the Past President as co-chair and at least two other Members of the Executive. In accordance with our Constitution, this committee meets to review the Constitution every two years. The first priority is to ensure that our Constitution is in line with that of the Provincial document. Secondly, the committee looks at ways to clarify existing wording. Finally, consideration is given to ways in which our Constitution can be amended to better reflect the changing times.

The committee will present any amendments to the Executive for discussion, possible adjustments and tentative approval. The proposed amendments are published in our newsletter with rationale and then presented at a Membership meeting for discussion and approval. Approval requires two thirds of the eligible members voting.

The chair then ensures that the revised Constitution is dated and published on our web site.

Finally, it is the responsibility of the committee to ensure that the business of the Executive is conducted in accordance with the most recent Constitution.

Contact Dave Minielley at 519-539-4677 or [email protected]

Financial Statement Review

A review of the income and expenses of RTO-ERO District 37 takes place at the close of each fiscal year by two appointed RTO-ERO Oxford members using the information provided by the treasurer.

The reviewed and signed financial statement is sent to the provincial body where it is included in the RTO-ERO annual audited statement that is ratified at the April Senate.

The district statement is included in the Bellringer newsletter and member approval is given at the District 37 annual general meeting.