Who We Are

RTO-ERO is a bilingual organization that has, for almost 50 years, provided many benefits to retired educational workers, the most important of which are:

  • Excellent health care coverage that is comprehensive, competitive and affordable, operating the largest Canadian retired educator health plan covering over 89,000 members and their dependents.
  • Pension support and advocacy on social, political and economic issues
  • Group travel programs
  • Community involvement
  • Communication from both Provincial and District levels, including RTO/ERO’s award-winning new quarterly magazine, Renaissance

RTO/ERO is the only organization with representation from elementary, secondary, public, Catholic and francophone schools. Provincially there are over 72 000 members in RTO-ERO. Since 1968, The Retired Teachers of Ontario/Les enseignantes et enseignants retraités de l’Ontario (RTO/ERO) has provided excellent programs and services for teachers, school and board administrators, educational support staff, childhood educators, child care professionals and college and university faculty in retirement.

Not to be forgotten is the District level of RTO-ERO. We have almost 700 members in District 37 ranging in age from 52 to 104. In addition to the services and benefits offered at the Provincial level, we in District 37 also have programs to offer our members. They include:

  • A Goodwill program where each member of the District is assigned to a Goodwill Caller who provides a link to the District Executive
  • Two District banquets a year and a Bellringer breakfast
  • Recognition of those members who are over 80 at Christmas with poinsettias and cards on their birthdays.
  • A Wellness Day where the emphasis is on providing information to improve the quality of life among seniors
  • Three District newsletters and a current website that provide the members with relevant information both at the local and provincial level
  • An exciting travel program that spans world destinations co-ordinated by a local member and a local travel agency
  • A golf tournament
  • An opportunity once each year to apply for funding of up to $4 000 for community projects and/or a scholarship of $2 000 for a family member in the final year of their college/university education.


We invite you to come and join us.


Keeping Us Up-to-Date

Have you changed your home address?
Have you changed your phone number?
Have you changed your email address?

Change is often good and RTO/ERO District 37 would love to keep in touch with you after you make a change.  We don’t want you to miss hearing about things that are happening in the District such as our Spring and Fall luncheons or our Wellness Day.
When you are notifying the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Board, the Canada Pension Plan and other important contacts of your new information, please include RTO/ERO Provincial at (416) 962-9463 or Toll Free: 1-800-361-9888.  They will notify District 37 of this in a monthly Change Report and we can then update our database.

You are important to us! Keep us informed.